Need help with social media? We make it easy.


I will teach your team everything about social media.

How does it work?

I've helped 100+ businesses sell more products/services, get more customer reviews and create more exposure via social media platforms. (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter etc).  I'm willing to travel anywhere to help your business. We can discuss flight/hotel etc via email. Would first love to hear about what you're looking for. I'm very open and flexible to making something happen!

My database has spoken for itself for years and I take great pride in what I do. I can help train your team to understand how to use social media not just for likes and follows, but to use it to sell more units, make more profit and have fun doing it. Here's a quick breakdown of what I do.

  • Social Media 101 for a dealership
  • Social Media training for individual sales team
  • Social Media training for current social media manager 
  • How to sell more cars through social media
  • How to get more customers coming through the doors
  • How to create incentives for your sales team using social media
  • How to make better videos to send to potential customers


Who is Spencer Berke?

If you're new here, my name is Spencer Berke and I have over 12+ years of experience in social media marketing for all industries.

I've worked for Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, McLaren and Acura dealerships all over Southern California. 

I now run a social media marketing agency where my team and I help companies all over the world with managing their social media and getting more customers through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & more.

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